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"We are what we think" - Buddha

Guided meditation classes to awaken to your life and increase peace and happiness

Corporate Wellness


Mindfulness based techniques to reduce stress & enhance harmony in the office

Yoga Therapy

Yoga as a cure for ailments

Relieve aches and pains with our Yoga for Healthy Back Class or Schedule Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Instruction

Learn Yoga from Experienced Teachers

Yoga classes and workshops for all levels from beginner to advanced

Personal Transformation

Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Learn to reject thoughts of fear and doubt. Embrace thoughts of courage, kindness and service. Join our discussion groups, participate in community service, form a support group.

Community Wellness Hour

Free Yoga and Meditation classes by SOHUM instructors

Usually on second Sunday of every month. Open to all.


YogaPoseImage2.jpgSign up for one of our many Yoga classes offered by experienced instructors. Our classes are designed to offer a wide variety of styles and content and are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.   More


MeditationImage4.jpgLearn and practice mindfulness and other meditation techniques to deal with stress & anxiety and to increase peace & happiness. Our guided meditation classes are great for those who are new to meditation as well as for those wanting to deepen their practice.  More

Workshops & Events

Meditation_OpenHouse_20Oct2013_small.jpgAttend our upcoming workshops and events offered by leading wellness teachers in the area. Try something new and make new connections! More 

SOHUM Newsletter

SohumReceptionDesk1.jpgSee the latest SOHUM Newsletter. Learn about upcoming workshops and class changes.

Corporate Wellness

CorporateYogaImage.jpgSOHUM offers a corporate wellness program. Learn more about how you can incorporate midfulness in your work place to reduce stress and promote harmony. More 

Be Part of a Community


Share your passion, ideas and energy with others. Join a club, start a discussion topic or organize events to connect with like minded peers. More

 SOHUM is pleased to host a  Community Wellness Hour at its studio on certain Sundays of the month for the benefit of the surrounding community. Whether this is the first time you have tried Yoga or Meditation, or you would like the opportunity to work with experienced instructors, come join us for a FREE Yoga or Meditation class at SOHUM.

Dont miss our featured upcoming events!


BrandonBurnsPhoto.jpgSound Bath Meditation Workshop

Thursday, November 5, 4:45pm–5:45pm, Brandon Burns

Allow yourself a moment of self nurture as we journey with exquisite sound, vibration, and tone into stillness, serenity, and grounding.

ChristianaKuetingPhoto.jpgPolarity Therapy: A FREE ClassSunday, Oct 11, 10:30–11:30am, Christiana Kueting

Come join us for a free introduction to Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy seeks to find energy blockages that cause stress, pain and disease and release them to normal flow patterns bringing greater balance to our whole system. Christiana Kueting is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP); an instructor for Polarity Therapy at Spa Tech Institute in Westborough, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT); and a Consulting Hypnotist (CH).

RestorativeYogaImage.jpgRestorative and Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Saturday, Oct 17, 10:30am–12:00pm, Eileen Nikopoulos

Join Eileen Nikopoulos for 90 minutes of pure relaxation. The workshop includes profoundly restorative yoga poses along with Thai Yoga Massage techniques to help you completely release tension and stress. Only seven spots, so register early before event is sold out.

GongMeditationImage.jpgDeep Gong Meditation

Saturday, October 24, 10:30am–12:00pm, Romy Valdez

Nurture your body and soul by making structural changes within your psyche. This workshop will include transformational methods that include yoga and breathwork to prepare us for the vibrational healing energy of the Gong. In this energy field, the beginnings of removing all blocks can occur allowing you to reorganize, re-energize and feel the soaring secret of sound in all it’s brilliance.