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Workshops and Events

SudhaS.jpgVocal Yoga - Freeing your voice to its fullest potential

Sunday, July 30, 10:30am–12:30pm

Sudha Subbaraman


Did you know that your body's entire well-being is reflected in your voice? Our sound is our essence. The human voice is intimately connected to the inner self; its state can reveal the tides of emotion that surge through you.

Sudha Subbaraman, MS Structural Engineering, Musician, Yogi, and Voice coach of the Heather Lyle Yoga Method®️, will work with the class, teaching you techniques to bring your best voice forward.

This 2-hour workshop on "Freeing your voice to its best potential- the Vocal Yoga Method" is for singers, actors, public speakers, yogis and anyone who wants to explore the mind-body-spirit connection to the amazing instrument we have - our own voice.

In this workshop, Sudha will help you explore the voice, existing postures and hold-back patterns, and take you on a self-discovery path with voice-centric work: breathwork/pranayama, postural releases in tension from blocked areas, Vinayasa yoga with singing and sounding, Mantra chanting, Chakra clearing with toning and resonance sound techniques to uncover your vocal freedom. When the human body is free from encumbrances, it's vocal potential is limitless. Not only can it sing, but it can also heal.

Sudha Subbaraman, MS. Structural Engineering, is an advanced Yogi, singer/composer and a budding Hindustani classical vocalist. She is a certified Vocal Yoga instructor, The Heather Lyle VocalYoga Method®️ (vocalyoga.com) teaching voice work techniques with traditional yoga postures. Sudha is available for personalized voice coaching, individualized therapy with music and meditation, and holistic voice lessons and music training for teenagers and kids.

The patented Heather Lyle’s Vocal Yoga Method® is a holistic type of voice work that utilizes techniques from yoga, pranayama, Alexander Technique, Voice Science, Qi Gong, the Bel Canto School of Singing, kirtan chanting, primal voice work, somatic body work, and fascia release work.

Pricing $35 early bird ($40 walk-in)



GentleYogaImage.jpgYoga for Healthy Back Workshop

Thursday, August 3, 7:00pm–8:30pm

Ritu Kapur


If you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, the only consolation is that you are not alone. Yoga can help you align your spine, decompress it and strengthen it safely and effectively. This workshop will help you release muscle tension and relieve back pain with emphasis on stretching and flexibility in harmony with your breath. You will learn simple and effective ways to align your back.

Ritu Kapur is an Occupational Therapist and RYT, 200. She will teach you how you can develop back strength with use of a systematic yoga sequence which is gentle and relaxing. We will do Yoga asanas on the mat with use of bolsters and cushions.

Pricing $30 early bird ($35 walk-in)