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SOHUM is pleased to offer the following Yoga and Meditation Classes for high school students taught by our experienced instructors on premise in the school.

Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Meditation is a proven technique to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve relationships at home and school, decrease anxieties, improve behavior and attitude, improve focus, memory & concentration and promote inner peace.  In this experiential class, you will learn simple tools that you can use anytime to help you feel calmer and more focused, as well as:

  • Stress and how it impacts our bodies and minds
  • How to cultivate a DAILY formal meditation practice
  • How and why meditation works
  • What meditation IS and what it’s NOT
  • Setting the intention to live a more mindful, peaceful life
  • How to cultivate gratitude and loving kindness

Yoga Sessions

The benefits of yoga for teens include increased strength, balance and flexibility of the body, improved focus and concentration, reduced stress and increased energy. Students have reported being more creative, more relaxed and generally happier. Some of the poses we will practice include:

  • Standing poses (strengthening, balancing and focusing)
  • Forward bends (calming)
  • Backbends (energizing)
  • Twists
  • Seated poses (grounding) 

For references, more information or to request our brochure, please contact or call 508-329-3338 or fill out our Contact Us form.