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Connect with Others and Be Part of a Community

At SOHUM we want you to share your ideas, your inspiration and your energy with others so everyone benefits from what you have to offer. To do so, we provide various avenues for you to connect with others. These include clubs where you can meet with other members to pursue specific areas of interest, our facebook page where you can post comments, and free/donation-based community events which make the services accessible to a larger audience.


Join a club, or start a new one, to connect with fellow members and pursue your passion for health, wellness and wholeness. If you have ideas on clubs you want to start please Contact Us or email us your suggestions.

Join Us On Facebook

Like us on facebook and post your thoughts and comments on Sohum's facebook page. Our facebook page also features daily inspirational quotes, daily updates about our classes and links to other news and events that may be of interest to our clients.

Community Wellness Hour

FREE Yoga/meditation classes and lectures on wellness topics hosted by SOHUM. Everyone welcome. If you would like to present, please contact us at info@sohum.org.

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