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Yoga Classes

YogaPoseImage2.jpgSign up for one of our many Yoga classes offered by experienced instructors. Our classes are designed to offer a wide variety of styles and content and are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.   More

Meditation Classes

MeditationImage4.jpgWe offer guided meditation classes as well as Mindful Living classes to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, enhance immune function, achieve emotional balance, and much more.   More

SOHUM Corporate Employee Wellness Program


SOHUM Yoga and Meditation Studio offers a Corporate Employee Wellness Program using Mindfulness Meditation techniques to combat stress in the workplace, enhance focus and productivity and provide effective coping strategies for dealing with negative emotions in the workplace such as anger and anxiety. More

Private Classes


Private sessions offered by our expeienced instructors for students interested in one-on-one lessons or small group lessons. These classes could be for Yoga therapy or any other form of Yoga or Meditation. More


Choose from a wide variety of pricing options including monthly auto-pay options, single or multi-class cards and series. More